Bespoke Solutions

Complete in-house service

With complete control over the design, manufacturing and certification process, Kestral Ex has the tools necessary to provide a custom solution for any requirement. This also gives us the flexibility needed to react when needed in the most demanding of industries.


Whether you have a fully specified design brief to be fulfilled or need to realise a conceptual design, we can use our extensive experience of Hazardous Area philosophy and applications to work with you to ensure you get the exact product you need.


Utilising our sizable enclosure stock holding in Aberdeen UK, our dedicated Machining Department can provide required entries in various thread forms. We also maintain a stock of viewing windows of various sizes, please see product datasheets for more information.

Our skilled team of electrical wiremen are capable of providing high quality workmanship on any size of build. Investment in our own label engraving and component printing machines, alongside essential component stock allows for high customisation and flexibility with a quick turnaround.


As a Bartec Assembly Partner, we have the technical backing of a globally recognised market leading manufacture, while maintaining our ability to operate independently. Our assembly license allows for us to inspect, test and certify our products internally. This reduces cost and lead time while improving responsiveness, as we remain in control of the manufacturing process throughout.